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Don't know about you, but i REALLY like seeing my name in print.  

Started when i got my first phone in the late 70's. Yes,  I was one of those that loved seeing my name in the phone book!! I still do, these days I get to see my name in other places - like ...on FB, or on watermarks on my photographs, as an author of a post I've written or like today when I enthusiastically discovered my name included in the list of artists that are exhibiting together at Jackson Junge Gallery around the theme Eat, Drink and Be Merry.  

I was told that over 200 artists submitted artwork for this show from around the world. WOW!

When I submitted my images I wrote about my relationship to food. Coming from suburbia my knowledge of where my food came from was nill.  Food came from the store. Period. In recent years that relationship has shifted,  partly because of exposure to a vibrant farmers market, but more so, to the farmers who work so hard to be at that market.  I began to practice local and seasonal eating.  Something i think many of us take for granted. Thanks to my artist residency last fall - I witnessed an expanded expression of food processing from folks raising their own meat.  

I was out on photography walk when Ziggy walked by holding these two chickens.

I said,  "are you?"

He said,  "yes!", 

i asked "may I?"

He said, "of course"

and there I go..

in my commentary with my image submission to the gallery I wrote:  "I didn't have a whole lot of time to decide how I felt about watching animals being butchered, it was happening and I was capturing it"

The fact is I could have been grossed out. Instead I found it rather beautiful. This showed up in my photography!

If you are curious to see the entire set  ( note: there is a muscovy duck processing set in there too)

Click HERE




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Photography = a never ending opportunity to capture visual celebrations. 


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