Artist Reception A Success!

November 12, 2014  •  1 Comment

My artwork was selected for the very first time to hang at a Chicago gallery.  How cool is that?

This past Saturday was the Artist Reception

The phrase don't sweat the small stuff might want to be tattooed on my forehead.

What can I say?  

I was nervous.

The expense of 4 small prints, matting, framing and shipping was not in my budget. That might sound like a complaint. It isn't. It's simply a current reality for me.

We chose to travel a fair distance to participate. It was a 14 hour/ 500 mile day for us actually, add that extra bit of gasoline and city dining and that was more cash to spend. Oh, and we got a parking ticket. UGH. Which I contested.  But still. These are the realities of city life.  I have not one ounce of regret for taking the trek. It was SUCH a tremendous day.

We had to secure dog care for Odessa - which we had only done once before - she did fine.  I had to decide on the right outfit (in the scheme of things this was the largest thing I worried about.) Why do I do that? Does anyone really remember what I wore?? I do. As you know, this is all about me!

Another challenge for me was settling into the unknown social scene of a gallery. I admit that I might want to do a little reading on how to make the most of a gallery hanging as an artist.  Besides hovering near ones work, which is probably not such a good idea,  I really didn't know how to behave. I felt that the deepest darkest most introvert part of me came out to play, or not play to be more accurate. I acted like something between a total wall flower and a ridiculously nervous adolescent. This was my regret as I left the event.  Where did my normal confident outgoing gregarious self go? More UGH.

Fortunately, Art has a way of speaking for itself.  The work once hanging is not about me.  It's about what the images evoke for the viewer, and more so, how the images belong to the larger topic chosen by the curators.  In that sense I felt like I totally belonged.  


From the galleries website:  

EAT, DRINK, and BE MERRY showcases a breadth of work from contemporary still life to the surreal.  Artists like Richard Laurent, Alan Teger, and Laura Collins focus their subject on the enjoyment food brings through pithy humor.  However, other works in the exhibition focus on the ethical dilemmas of consumption that may often be overlooked as we celebrate the holidays.

Pamela Johnson’s larger than life junk food paintings reflect our gluttonous urge for immediate gratification without regard for consequence.  The heightened realism of her paintings serves as a mirror to our culture’s insatiable overindulgence.

The documentary photography of Alexandra Buxbaum and Karen Hanrahan further intensifies focus on mass-production and consumption. These images shed light on the issues of production that is often a taboo subject. As demand for food increases, factory and industrialized farming becomes increasingly common as we continue to feed a growing, hungry human population.

Food culture becomes emphasized as we gather for the holidays and EAT, DRINK, and BE MERRY celebrates and analyzes this common thread that unites our society.

EAT, DRINK, and BE MERRY is curated by Gallery Director Chris Jackson, Gallery Artist Laura Junge and Assistant Director Scott Renfro.

Exhibiting artists include: Lilla Dent, CJ Hungerman, Thomas Robert Meyers, Erin Elizabeth, Alexandra Buxbaum, Kate Tully, Rita Dianni-Kaleel, Karen Hanrahan, Richard Laurent, Alan Teger, Eric Cooney, Benjamin Madeska, Pamela Johnson, Judith Gries, Laura Collins

Kudos to the gallery for many many things:

My name was mentioned as a photo journalist on their website ( pinch me!).  The gallery was a deliciously happening space. Really really lovely. The curb appeal and street scene was super bustling.  Definitely looked and felt like the place to be!

My work was designated very well.  I LOVED the placement of certain processed food nosh next to art.  The platter next to my work was loaded with chicken tenders! How positively perfect!! This bit of humor and irony played very well I thought with the exhibition and conversation. I enjoyed the contact I had with the other artists. 

My guy was with me, I was so grateful not only for his loving company and his truly beaming pride. He also had a very patient listening for all my nervous chatter. I seriously never stopped talking. AND I admit he looked really super all decked out for the occasion.  As part of the day we met my son and dined at a favorite burger joint nearby. A total and absolute blast, and then both of them were with me taking it all in. My daughter and many others were there in spirit or virtually. My dear Chicago friends - the White family popped in, and I have to say seeing them huddled around my work almost made me cry.  Not sure what that was about, but my appreciation was at an all time high in that moment. Love that they came. 



I could have should have taken more pictures - don't know why I didn't. UGH. 


A shout out to Dancing Rabbit's Blog known as March Hare  - I guest posted last week! 

Thank you again Jackson Junge Gallery for including my work in the exhibit  "Eat, Drink and Be Merry"

Keep in mind that the exhibit is there until January 4th.

Perhaps you can stop in and check it out! 



Stacey Iannessa(non-registered)
Congratulations to you Karen. That is so awesome & a big deal! I would be surprised if your stomach was NOT all butterflies. Great that you are tackling new challenges that reap rewards. We must always strive to embrace new experiences. It keeps us young and alive! Happy
Thanksgiving. You are a blessing to me!
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