Defining Moments

November 27, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

There are moments in our life when we know we've defined something.  It might be something good. Or it might be something bad. What ever the moment is. There is a clarity that just makes sense of it all. I recently had that type of moment about my relationship with my sister.

This months collage circle theme was forgiveness. Forgiving is not that easy to do. Seems that in today's day there is a lot to forgive.  Sometimes the need to forgive is closer to home

I have sometimes felt like forgiving was a forced march.  I akin it to what I call an automatic sorry. The thing you say when someone expects you to, the problem is everyone can tell when your apology or your forgiveness is nothing but lip service.

What I learned recently about forgiveness is that it is a bit like that old phrase ...when one door closes,  a window opens, or however that saying exactly goes. The point is, people and events come into our lives. Equally, they also leave our lives. The act of forgiveness allows for good karma. 

The theme of this first collage was about the love and gratitude I felt for my sister. I made it when I first arrived in Washington. She missed the sentiment of the collage when I showed it to her. Her comment was dismissive. "Whatever" she said. I am not going to explain the entire demise of our relationship.  Being dismissive though was a part of it.  She and I have parted ways.  

The second collage I created when I let go of the blame I was feeling towards someone. We were divided too, but i had found forgiveness for the circumstance. While not specifically created for my sister and I's parting - It seemed like the appropriate creative pairing and sentiment about her and I.

I appreciate the visual full circle of it. 




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