Shelf-Conscious Collage Journals at Make.Shift

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A local call for art requested the journals of artists for a group show at Make.Shift In Bellingham. I had been playing with a small origami booklet in collage and decided to make a bunch of them with collaged words on them. random. nothing specific or organized, just subconscious word play.

As you know I tend to NOT collage with words, I have integrated typography into my work, and words do find me sometimes and they get a devoted page at the end of each journal. 

THIS project evolved into something very unexpected. The art call was right about the time of this last move almost two months ago now. If you recall the decision and the actual move all happened very quickly. On the other side of it all I felt feelings of post-trauma. like holy crap what a roller coaster ride this move west has been. my city studio as I call it will be and is, a MUCH better scenario for me, but as circumstances would have it - I had to wait 25 months to get to it. The move was week before christmas, a lot of emotions, chaos and loneliness. This call for art gave me something to do. 

The project was cathartic, time-consuming, meditative, and fun. It became multi-dimensional and more comprehensive than what I first envisioned. The pages feel worn, used, thought upon. The words found were random yet synchronistic to my day, my mood and my life. The project took multiple magazines down to nothing but their binding, utilizing the entirety of their pages, imagery and words.

23 Handmade Origami Journals. 72 pages. 604 - ish words. 3 glue sticks.

Magazines used:  V, Tricycle, Harry Potter Catalog, National Geographic, Rolling Stone, Smithsonian.

These are what the collages said: 


strong insights buzz don’t be fooled by the most important there you are the rock review coming

is fish for thought whisk make withdrawn we’re sure

life after turn your bad day around make us better some some the next human beyond mountains contents

contents beyond when you’ve made history go barking wild for a weekend ice is melting

these simple moves will help stretch you haven’t felt this good since you were doing cartwheels in the backyard yourself happy

you breathe deep stand the day tall and loosen up all over fall

things you need earned the four eyed fish watery

right or left we need energy original flavor books

human problems when sex is so a gift for a friend change the rest is silence

change wake up call swirl view

day taste kindness in a pomegranate mind

the sanity we are born with finished 2 minutes pearls of wisdom walls are doors may I become an island

woman change your meeting of the minds ice co

getting around world naturalness thirty six years later because of us changes matter

leave it intense H hot stuff

lets step back a moment collective blue green blue troubled waters clean water water

crisis solitude green blue rend blue green green

cling clutter things blue red blue green blue blue green blue rainful skies

freezin its not about belonging at all  but letting go desire learning to listen


blue red green


living sees art now

turn art sublime art great lovers

into a great room

illustrate the predators legendary hunting techniques first comes love phenomenon then comes evolutionary strategy

heartbreaking enchanting life the estate of

jewels power of royal color

a cure? Doctors are harnessing metallic spheres travel the world free most lovable be so cute that humans will do the work to keep them around explore

hottest contributors from the coolest real art heroes soared on the trail discussion landed meet the animal

plucked from affections love plunder our deepest bonds hold the secrets to tender silver today’s your lucky day

who she was saved from when flock together then and now embracing

poetry has probably saved me her identity expanded

needs the world needs interesting so little time it’s like a blast of hydration classic

be without bread home cook bigger ideas alone

home natural food for thought nocturnal love feast new show selection can humans adapt traditions

on planet? Do it yourself forward present day science becomes near future distant future

6,000 years ago adapt to fast to the red flight control the future in the making reality the mountainous

offer the quality you need realising a world a fishy tail how did they do that? The truth takes on an ever grander proportions

doll queen of grunge question peace too best customer bonus save $1.00 free realize your vision

rocks rough and tumble state of mind people are people piece of cake it happened parts desire love

its day break let them eat cake

new photography a tale of two men

imagine big love water presented by visions

faithful apparently savor


take refuge after the city is a ruin. trains sit motionless on their tracks. Schools ae silent. Libraries and laundromats lanquish in decay. Everyone has vanished.

Life full of everyday encouraging us somewhere getting there extraordinary

Free tiny frozen stirring that as is not giving up

The muddy square of earth is the way things really are clouds in water the hands of a woman celebrate life to live

Ho! A heavy disappointment ultra

Off the beaten path bridge follow your curiosity it goes throughout separated by eight years

Thing way shape and form that same punch that discussion it felt real.

Your way square your questions answered great

Squared close to home it will be common home

The The The The The The The The

The The The The

The The The The The long way

Cinderella exploring how you can help people escape

On the afternoon of shape meet our most important world giant beast

Making you huff and puff? Full steam ahead recovered from seeing the forest fast forward fatal beauty

For complements visionary national

Eight shore

Monogamy that roared here’s a dirty little secret: treasure the mouth

What moves you? next sparkling generation

Love just the right amount of love.

The installation revolves around a REAL teens room, a TRUNK full of readable touchable journals. In the adjacent room are shelves, pedestals and mobiles of a variety of art journals - painted, inked, authored and collaged. Just wonderful. 

I really enjoy participating in group shows at Make.Shift - the shows are creatively accessible and it's a happening place. Fun vibe to be a part of. 

Thank you Make.Shift for having me!! 




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