Inspirit Form Installation Becomes A Paper Quilt

March 03, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

I dismantled my touring collage installation known as Inspirit Form.  It had about a 15 month run in a variety of locations. I loved the idea of a collection of work having access to so many different people. I dismantled it because it was time. 

Plus I plan to tour a new collection called Singularity. More about that later.

About the middle of 2018 I felt this overwhelm about the sheer volume of work that I was making. Daily collages for 18 month's, at that juncture, was a LOT of art. That wasn't the only work I was making. I felt overwhelmed by how to make sense of it. It was about this time that I began stitching collage work. Playing with stitching, paper quilt squares and such felt like a new direction for me. When the idea found me to dismantle "Inspirit-Form" and upcycle it into a new piece. a paper quilt to be exact. I got really jazzed about the idea. Oddly, all my self teaching and watching quilting tutorials prepared me. I knew just what to do.  

I started the quilt project this month, but it's on hold for now, until after I complete Project Catwalk. 

I wanted you to see the quilt progress so far. 

I cut each of the 21 collages in half.

This gave me 42 rectangles.

Using large pages from a fashion magazine called V I turned those into a backing that was also a border for each rectangle. This involved measuring, cutting, folding and glueing. The paper is thick, glossy and the photography is vibrant

I then stitched in zig zag the inside framing of the border. (zig zag is interesting looking to me, and it's forgiving. and i zig zag because straight lines and I are not friends. )

as i continued making these. the back sides are now a completely and very cool expression. very bold. and very colorful.

Note my beautiful new studio assistant/taskmaster.  Her name is Amber

I can make about 7 in one sitting before I get a bit bleary. 

I look forward to finishing it. 



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Photography = a never ending opportunity to capture visual celebrations. 


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