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2019 started off with a flurry of wonderful creative activity.

right now i am in the midst of some mighty collage making.

a solo exhibit is scheduled for April and May 

so far, three solo installations are in the making.

this particular making is super fluid, and really really fun.

it involves stitching, a volume of two-sided collaged panels, and lots and lots of dangling black threads.

imagine 4 volumes of FALL VOGUE MAGAZINES. You know. those huge thick ones. like 900 pages each vogues. Fashion. Lots and lots of fashion.

While I am not personally particularly fashionable. I have always loved fashion photography. 


i had this idea.

I pitched the idea to Renee at Social Fabric.

I made a mock up of this idea. 7 panels. 14 collages all told. and presented it. 

the idea was not only enthusiastically welcomed,

it was also an inspiration. 

Renee has decided to make a like style garment to add to the exhibit.

How great is that!!


I thought for a moment that my stitching ideas for this year were going to be stalled. Fiona the sometimes fabulous but mostly finicky sewing machine just wasn't cooperating. I learned a lot from that machine, self - taught and all. She reached a place however where she was just not working.

I asked for help in a local BUY NOTHING group and was gifted a NEW Kenmore sewing machine. WOW!!  She sews effortlessly. smoothly. working with her is pretty amazing. and having her makes my paper quilting ideas a reality.

A sample panel is below. I morph something. Add filler pages. A back piece - sometimes this is just something interesting, sometimes it's another collage. this piece it was something interesting. I then add zig zag. I let the black threads dangle.

In theory, these panels will then all be threaded together into sequential interactive hangings. Imagine an aisle of hanging collages!!!

Hey look that's Amber my task master!!



Materials used so far (2/28) : 

Vogue Magazines 2012. 2013.2016.2017.

spools of thread. 2

Glue sticks. 4

28 panels

56 Collages

280 magazine pages

( i have to recount my work. i feel like their has to be more) 

Music played while working: genesis, zoe keating, the civil wars, dave matthews, hooverphonics

glorious studio sunlight provided by winter afternoons



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Photography = a never ending opportunity to capture visual celebrations. 


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