Join me for Project Catwalk - A Solo Installation at Social Fabric

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Project Catwalk by Artist Karen Hanrahan

Catwalk is a term derived from the way female models walk, which is similar to the walk of a cat.  A catwalk is a narrow structure to walk along in a fashion show. Join Karen, the least fashionable person on the planet, in her interactive collage expression of things fashion. Enjoy the visual of humans morphing, painted eyes, an array of beautiful fashion, bright colors and form, as they reveal themselves in Karen’s unique creative process. Banners allow the viewer to interact with the two-sided nature of each collage panel and to get closer to layers and layers of paper, imagery, stitching and long dangling black threads.

Karen is originally from Ontario, Canada.  She began to collage in 1997. Her compulsion to tear apart magazines is still alive and well. She began to journal with collage in 2013. Works from that time narrated an empty nest, a lost home, a broken heart and a courageous move to the Pacific Northwest in 2015. She collaged daily beginning in 2017 and recently added the element of stitching as a way to mimic crazy quilting, but with paper. Collage for Karen is meditative, story telling, insightful and sometimes dead on in revealing the nuances of her subconscious mind. She respects the reveal. She loves to teach her collage process to others.  Karen has been very well received as an artist here in Bellingham for which she is eternally grateful. 

Thank you especially to my hosts Social Fabric.

I was introduced to Social Fabric through a referral. I had the opportunity to show there for a brief time and sold a piece.

Social Fabric’ is the relationships and connections we make with one another, making us all a part of the common thread of society as a whole. ~ Renee Sherrer

The 300 Series -- Pet HawkThe 300 Series -- Pet Hawk


I have especially enjoyed working with Renee who allowed me to approach her with this recent idea. Not only did she like the idea, she said do more!!

The result of which is this show.

This is the largest solo installation I've ever done. I describe the making of this work as fluid. It just flowed out of me. I had to stop at 15 Banners, but I could have kept making!!

Here are some fun details about the project:

15 Banners

78 stitched collage panels. Each panel is two sided.

156 sides/collages

15 tags

15 fishing swivels

number stickers

312 reinforcement labels

223 black bulb pins

7 spools of thread

390 Vogue magazine pages

4 glue sticks



ALL Collage Work Is For Sale

Prints are by order only. Any sold originals/prints will be available for pick up at Social Fabric on June 18th. Or shipped. Just add $15

Message me for pricing.


The archival art print of this collage below came out really well!!


For those of you who can't view this show in person. Here are the portfolio's so you can check it out virtually




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