Now Included At The Lucky Dumpster In Edison

May 27, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

Edison is a gem of a Washington state small town. 

it's a real find.

and it's very small.  

a moment/small actually.

one blink and you might miss it

the lucky dumpster is one of those finds

its run by James

who hosts over 100 artisans.

in what i'd describe as a rather quirky environment.

it was recommended that i bring in some collage work of mine

i brought in these. I recently upcycled them and added stitching

i love the way these turned out.

he took all 10. 

James has a website but it doesn't really represent the lucky dumpster vibe

add that James is super old school

my artist file was written by hand.

if you want to find him

he's around friday - sunday. only.


or call him on his landline. 

i enjoyed meeting James and speaking with him

he strikes me as a person of character

firm handshake 

a huge bespectacled smile

he seems to love what he's doing.

i am happy to be part of the lucky dumpster vibe




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