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Graduates of my Creative Subconscious Collage Workshop have the opportunity to circle each month and collage together. Circle is a facilitated gathering. It's an abbreviated version of what I offer in my workshop. Each month I present a unique theme. Occasionally I shift things up and offer instruction on a certain collage technique or an unexpected challenge.

I offer the opportunity for participants to circle because new connections are often formed in workshop. I want to nurture those connections and give people a safe and inspiring place to continue collaging. I keep it structured so that the time we have together is constructive. 

My current circle has been together for 3 years. We are an intimate group. What goes on in circle much like my workshop, stays within. Privacy is respected. Some participants of the group have moved to another country, others have seasonal work that takes them away, others have simply relocated. Others have had significant life shifts. Myself included. For that reason I offer virtual prompting.  

Yesterday I was facilitating a virtual circle.  I do this within a private group on FB, and within an event for the month.  I post details about our theme and questions within the theme. Last night the theme was  "adaptability". I paused during my posts to participate personally and make a collage.

The process then has us come back and show and tell our work.

The collage I made involved nudity.

While sharing my piece - FB intercepted my work/image and booted me off of FB for 24 hours.

SUPER frustrating.

Did I break the rules? I did. There was someone naked in my collage.

In a private event, I thought that perhaps that was different from my public feed and profile. As an artist, nudity is not something i balk at. Nudity is art. ( or as one collage friend said. AAART.)  

My response re: FB doing this was "whatever" but really, I felt pretty darn angry.

That said, and within all things adapting. HA!! 

I am sharing my work here on my blog. 

Take that Facebook.

This piece is titled  "blue, vulnerability and our inner aunt agnes."

within our process we "tell" what our collage means to us. 

if the circle was in real space and time -- others around the table would offer additional commentary. 

the same occurs virtually. 

The blue in this piece is water. Blue is my most favorite color. It's often a part of my work, especially when i am expressing something with strength. I recently read a profound book about the topic of depression. Because of that book I realized that I may be "blue" sometimes or have highs and lows.  While some lows are very low, I am not depressed by comparison. I do not yearn to end my life. The water in this blue represents tears. Crying jags are part of my life in current times. they arrive without reason. a lot like grief. and sometimes the jags fill my day. 

the nudity in this piece represents vulnerability. some guard their most inner thoughts. I tend to wear my life on my sleeve. many circumstances in my life have me test the vulnerable. sometimes that rather raw "naked" feeling is bigger than life. 

the inner aunt agnes image is about being different. it's about wallflower-ness, it's about the ache that comes along with things social that are uncomfortable. it's something i know with every part of me. and yet look at her. she's positively lovable. I love this aunt agnes. i am lovable. ( that made me cry )

just because my personality is outgoing, friendly and sometimes rather gregarious does not mean that it's easy. as a matter of fact. it's not. sometimes being social is difficult. i never labeled myself as an introvert. yet by definition i very much am.

This art piece is so strong,

and LOOK FB. it's naked!!!

I love facilitating Collage Circle. The value of a creative expression like this is two-fold. it's a trusting pause and reveal from within. the making and sharing offers insight. sure it's personal. it's also brave. and reassuring. when others resonate. you are no longer alone. 




Collage Circle Testimonies:

Collage circle helped me process feelings i didn't know needed processing.

Karen's facilitation is always enlightening. I feel compelled to do some soul searching and create.

i get affirmation when I am paying attention to my internal landscape.

It was interesting to see how collage can bring out emotions and dig deep.

Participating in collage circle gives me the freedom to express myself.



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