2020 Graffiti

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I am a huge fan of many of the local street artists here. 

In 2015 when I arrived in WA I loved the experience of the "find". 

Graffiti Art is very transient. It may not be there the next time you look for it.

One artist lost an epic collection of work to a 2018 fire. 

 This type of art changes all the time. 

I began following the particular graffiti collection below in July. Things Covid keep me at home most of the time but I could easily drive by or walk socially distanced along Granary Ave. Some of this art began as a form of expression for the Black Lives Matter Movement. Since, it has evolved, morphed, and become a variation of itself. The art is mostly the work of Matt French, Taj Eye and maybe even some work by Shawn Cass. I apologize that the indentity of all the artists are not always clear to me.

In the beginning the construction partition boards had corporate signage for the new buildings going up. The community didn't seem to care for that signage. Somehow they were painted over and the graffiti artists gained full access. I thought that was pretty great.

In November, my 11 year logic board died. I had to replace my technology. Things tech have changed in the last decade. While I was grateful that most of my back up was in tact. I lost two graffiti shoots. Very frustrating. I then got caught up in the hoopla and transition of things new. I lost weeks.

I admit to being very overwhelmed at the moment. The work flow that I am use to is all different. YEARS of images are now on an external harddrive making sourcing and working with them a bit of a hassle. At least a hassle to me. I no longer have the post-production software that I love.

Below are the works from Granary Ave as I photographed them by date. My image taking style is up close and personal. I am fascinated by the layers and depth to some of these pieces, as well as the art within the art. All the photographs below are mine. I purposely don't watermark images of graffiti though - it's not my work.

Its my desire to bring honor to what these talented creators make and to share how I see it.

I should add that this is only a partial collection of my graffiti photography. 


8-28 - the corporate signage is in a few of these. 


9-25. sometimes when my time was short. I simply did a drive by ...




12-4 - I love how the tree shadow became part of this.

A 2021 update to this blog post. I go by all of these often but sometimes I forget my camera or just drive by. 




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Photography = a never ending opportunity to capture visual celebrations. 


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