Let's Collage Together!

April 08, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

The last two weekends I led a handful of collage things. They were random and I just loved it!

Perhaps consulting with collage might be a really lovely way to offer what I do already with others that want a way to sit and make with a bit of thought provoking guidance and follow through. 

If we have never collaged together before you may want to review the creative subconscious mind process that I teach.

How this might work:

contact me

agree to a facilitation

send payment. at least $10 is suggested. i have pay pal.

let me know when you are ready to give yourself some time to collage. 45 minutes is plenty. Gather supplies: glue stick, scissors, a magazine to tear. something to collage on

I will send a prompt for you to think about.

follow the process. 5-10 minutes of tearing. 20-30 minutes to collage.

send me a picture of your finished collage. tell me about it.

allow me to contribute my observations

a banter of sorts may follow


( below a collage i made in february ) 

Note:  While I know this is popular right now. I'd prefer not to zoom. or face time or anything video. 


( Amber and I are here for you.)  




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Photography = a never ending opportunity to capture visual celebrations. 


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