Best 13 Of 2013

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2013 was an astonishing year.  As a matter of fact I am a tad overwhelmed by its image awesomeness! In order to find some layer of completion I like to evaluate my years past. I typically sit with my calendar, my journals,  and now that I am image taking - I also scroll through all my photo's. I then ask myself what stood out and why?   This year had so many significant moments that it's almost too hard to encapsulate.

Here is my best attempt:  

2013 Accomplishments


Prairie Arts Gallery - Springfield

Wishbone Fundraiser - Sugar Mama's Bakery - Bloomington

ISU Friends of The Arts Postcard Art Show


Booth:  ILSWE 2013

Area Artist Showcase - Bloomington

Next Wave Art Salon - Elgin


EBook by Patricia Martin - 13 Things Breaking Through in 2013

Illinois Events Magazine Fall Issue 2013

Ongoing projects and events:  

ILSWE 2013,  Free Little Library, Smock Garden, my own personal garden, Farmers Marketa few fun road trips

Corn ( stay tuned - show coming Spring of 2014), 


Artist Residency:   Dancing Rabbit Milkweed Mercantile Fall of 2013 


Collage Workshops

What I can say with confidence about this year is I that I now understand the signature/style of my work.  I also am clear that some projects are not a good fit for me, and declining those projects is a gracious way of not getting in over my head.  I befriended someone who can produce fine art prints for me that meet my standards as well as being someone I actually enjoy working with. a person vs some mass commodity print shop.  I also have been the recipient of some terrific mentorship.   The learning curve is beginning to translate into my creativity. It feels really amazing.   I have much to learn still. It feels more exciting then ever!!

Below 13 images as a small sharing of the year past:






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Photography = a never ending opportunity to capture visual celebrations. 


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