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It took a few years to build my image library and portfolio.  The truth is as a photographer one is always adding to their portfolio. Often I would be attending an event in one capacity like teaching a collage workshop and simply take a few images along the way. This retreat is a perfect example of what my photography style looks like when at an event.  I was trying to capture the mood and natural surroundings and to be respectful of people and their privacy. With the advent of cell phone selfies and so many peoples faces available all the time, I think keeping people shots anonymous can sometimes be more respectful. The retreat space was rustic.  It had rained making the green of spring just pop! Being there as an observer vs a participant put me in a great position to capture some terrific moments. I sold a few prints of the image of the gal with the back of her neck tattooed with the exclamation point.  How fun is that!  I have learned more about post production and editing since these were taken. I find myself a bit critical about the very last image because it's a little dark.  I know now how to brighten it. Part of me wants to edit it ...and fix it. The other part of me says its ok as it is to remind my that I am still learning!



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Photography = a never ending opportunity to capture visual celebrations. 


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