Life On Mars And KIds Art Walk At MakeShift

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Every year, Make.Shift Gallery celebrates Kid's Art Walk in May. This year, we've partnered with Cedar Tree and o Woods Montessories and asked 4th to 6th-grade students to create artistic renderings of ​creatures from outer space. ​Wanna learn about the special abilities of “decacorns,” or how the “spur winged space eagle” has adjusted to life on its home planet? Wanna witness the only existing illustration of the “sticimus roocumu” from the dwarf planet Ceres? Then come down to Make.Shift and bask in the intergalactical genius of these young artists!

We invited community artists to create a piece of art inspired by the work of these talented kids. The exhibit will display these works by students and local artists side-by-side through the month of May.
Artists can still submit until April 27th and can receive digital assignment packets by emailing ​[email protected]​ or signing up in person at the gallery.

The opening will be on Art Walk Friday, May 6th from 6-10pm​.​For more information about the Art Walk or Make.Shift please visit our website at or contact Jessyca Murphy at [email protected].

Desserts generously provided by Icing on the Cake

(above information sourced from Make.Shift's FB Page/Event)

I LOVE this event. I experienced this kid/ community artist collaborative last year and marveled at the variety of interpretations. Kids art makes me happy to begin with, but to see and be part of it somehow makes for some great art making. Thank you Make.Shift for facilitating. 

The name of my creature prompt for Life On Mars is Snögendover.

The kid painting shared a creature in a roar. with 4 front legs. when i found this lion roaring I knew i had found the beginning of my collage. morphing it with another lion made it's front four legs. and three mouths. many many other details were shared. the lemon slice is the moon. Snögendover has no soul but is soul sucking, thus the vampire monster like image represented. the back sides are victims of soul sucking. i like that the monsters and the victims had red hair. Again I have made a two sided morphed and stitched collage.

I stitched all of it with a warm toned brown thread. leaving all the threads to dangle.

I was able to learn how to add a grommet the other day. ( thank you theresa )

This year we get to meet our kid artists at a reception prior to the opening. what a great idea!!

I was unfortunately not able to meet my kid artist after all. The reception was very well attended. Packed actually!! These shots capture the way the gallery layed things out this year. each kids art was framed in a simple black frame. Community artists work hung near by. I thought local artist Cynthia French did a great job with her mars creature. 









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Photography = a never ending opportunity to capture visual celebrations. 


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