Transitioning From One Opening To Another

June 26, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

Project Catwalk comes down today after a long and gracious run at Social Fabric

You can view the individual collages of this 35 ft by 7 ft interactive collage installation here 

When my art life transitions there is this moment where what I've worked so hard on becomes "yesterday's news".  An opening comes to a close.  I feel a little sad about taking it down. There is all this hype about getting accepted and installing a show. Or participating in an opening.  And then, poof - the month comes to an end

Yet, in the very same breath of what will soon be yesterday's news is the anticipation of what's next....for example come July, there are three openings for all of us to look forward to!! YAY!!

These 5 pieces up-cycled older work  and will include some brand new framed "mixed media" art in smaller sizes.

A year ago, i was steeped in making sense of the daily work I had made in 2017. I thought by finding themes within the 375 collages, that the smaller art bites would be easier to pitch. While that happened. I also just got seriously overwhelmed. so much art. so many feelings. i felt buried in my work. buried alive. I lost track of my why make. I shifted into a learning curve. Many of you watched me begin machine stitching. The new expression had a different feeling for me. Suffering from trauma I felt like the zag and the zig represented me stitching the pieces of my life back together. I let go of daily collages and started upcycling older work, crazy quilting with paper, and perfecting other quilt style techniques. Lately, I've added photographs to my work. This direction feels very new to me still. It also engages my creative mind into mixed media vs simply collage.

Project Catwalk was a what if i could make my work larger, engage the public, and just make for an end goal. The many panels, long dangling threads, odd morphing and bigger than me expression left me with a "did i just make that?" feeling.

For an upcoming group show I took a former touring collection "Inspirit-Form" and made it into three quilted pieces. ( see image below ) Another out there making experience for me. The ideas in my head keep pouring out of me. This tells me -- the artist in me is alive and well!! I am also in an "i don't know" place. Daily collaging was a constant. These current works are more like birthings.  

Is it a boy? a girl?....a stitched morph of paper and photography?

What is it? What's next!!??





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Photography = a never ending opportunity to capture visual celebrations. 


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