Second Phase Of Making For The Inspirit-Form Quilt

June 26, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

This spring I perfected the bind with a backing technique so often used in quilting, but with paper.

i had to put all of that aside for a bit when i launched Project Catwalk.

Once that installation was hanging I could get back to this project and make my very first paper quilt. 

Not having ever ever done something like this before, and the fact that I taught myself I am feeling proud for what this became.

One one side is all the original inspirit-form collages cut in 1/2

On the other side are these high gloss seriously brightly colored fashion pages

Once laid out on my friends studio table 

i was able to decide order

Thank goodness for her huge table!!

i decided against one quilt

and went for three hangings instead

I also decide to keep the integrity of each original collage

all be, they are divided.

simply because visually that made more sense.

once i got it all into the machine

it got a bit wieldy 

i just super excited by how it was coming together.

i will say that the perfectionist in me

wanted to tear it all apart and redo the seams. 

but then when i hung it all up over my bed

i just thought


look at that.

i made a quilt.

first time and all 

I decided it was just super as is. 

last december i submitted the idea of this to a gallery

a juried group show was announced.

when we all met to discuss the theme of the show

each of us had our own unique contributions

but similar making stories

epic some of them.

I am beyond honored to be a part of this group show!  

Happening July 2019.







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Photography = a never ending opportunity to capture visual celebrations. 


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